About FX Swap

About FX Swap

Contracts to conduct sale & purchase or buy & sell foreign exchange transactions at the same time (Combination of Spot FX contracts and contracts) for different maturity dates.

Usually, the FX Swap contract will be used for the following situations:

Change the maturity date of a foreign exchange contract
Get funding in different currencies

FX Swap Application: Change the Due Date of a Foreign Exchange Contract

Customer A has an FX Forward purchase contract of USD 1 million which will be due within 2 working days from now (Spot) for payment obligations to overseas suppliers. Apparently today, customers are informed that the payment can be delayed for the next 1 month. In this case, because the customer does not need USD now, then he can change the due date from Spot to 1m FORWARD. This is done by making a "Sell & Buy" Swap contract, where the customer will sell USD 1 million for Spot currency and buy USD 1 million for FORWARD 1m currency.

Senin, 7 Mar 2011 Rabu, 9 Mar 2011 Senin, 11 Apr 2011
Nasabah A melakukan transaksi swap "Sell & buy" USD 1 juta valuta spot vs 1m Forward Transaksi swap "sell" value spot akan meng-offset posisi "buy" forward Transaksi swap "buy" valuta 1m forward akan menggantikan posisi "buy" forward sebelumnya, tetapi dengan tanggal jatuh tempo yang berbeda

FX Swap Application: Funding in Different Currencies

Currently, customers have loans in IDR currency, but require funding in USD for investment needs abroad for the next 3 months. In accordance with the terms of the loan, customers cannot convert loans from IDR to USD. The solution that can be offered to customers is to use the "Buy & Sell" Swap mechanism, where customers will buy USD for Spot currency and sell USD for FORWARD 3m currency.

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